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      研發定制 Custom development

      2020-06-08 10:32:33





        因為我們只生產電火花機,沒有別的選擇,所以研發出新品對我們來說才是企業的生存之道,新型的機型有便攜式電脈沖機型,機器結構完全不同,非常復雜,經常有其他廠家冒充自己的為電脈沖機型,只需拆開機箱就可以一目了然。目前公司擁有 便攜式電火花機、取斷絲錐機、取斷鉆頭機、取斷螺栓機、穿孔機、冷焊機(電火花堆焊機)、模具修補機、鑄造缺陷修補機等具有自主知識產權的系列產品,目前我方正在研發小型高速穿孔機,敬請期待。

      It has strong technical advantages. For many years focused on the development of portable electric spark machine. Over the years, a large number of customers have been accumulated. The products of the same type are of high quality and low price. They provide batch production services for many enterprises at home and abroad. The products are rich in types and meet the needs of customers at all levels.

      We only focus on R & D, production and EDM products.

      Real R & D and production will not play useless gimmicks. The development and production of a type of machine can no longer exceed its performance at a certain stage. All the additional functions are gimmicks and impractical. For this type of machine, we guarantee its proper function and performance.

      That is to do a good job in the quality and service of the machine, make minor changes, don't play gimmicks, don't let consumers spend money wrongly.

      Because we only produce electric spark machines, there is no other choice, so developing new products is the way for us to survive. The new models have portable electric pulse machines. The structure of the machines is completely different and very complex. Often other manufacturers pretend to be their own electric pulse machines. They just need to open the chassis. At a glance. At present, the company has a series of products with independent intellectual property rights, such as portable spark machine, tapping machine, cutting drill, bolting machine, piercing machine, cold welding machine (spark surfacing machine), die repairing machine, casting defect repairing machine, etc. At present, we are developing small high-speed piercing machine, please look forward to it.