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    2. 批量生產/OEM Batch product/OEM

      2018-11-21 13:31:55









      Electric spark tapping machine sheet metal production: mass purchase of high-quality steel plate, galvanized sheet, laser cutting machine precision cutting each hole position, so that assembly is more efficient and convenient. Spray paint is environmentally friendly, customized OEM brand color is more convenient.

      2. Machinery processing as the auxiliary processing of other equipment with the processing center as the core is more accurate, faster, less errors, and smoother assembly.

      3. Electrical installation workshop: down-line welding part of the dedicated welding station, the core control part, drive, power amplifier circuit board welding professional team, there are circuit problems, even if changing errors and innovating constantly, the total power supply chassis part, division of labor with clear process. Detection part: Personnel according to the detection process to measure self-inspection, on-line detection, and then test each specification of electrodes for more than 30 minutes before inspection, clean appearance of laser marking packaging into storage.

      The EDM can make all kinds of requirements according to customers'requirements, slight changes in various processing requirements, various colors, special electrodes for various shapes of EDM, etc.

      EDM tapping machine can produce design drawings according to customer requirements, and can process broken taps and drills according to drawings and samples. Break the bolt and break the screw. Break reamer, punch holes, etc.

      @ packing: Cartons, wooden boxes, to ensure waterproof and moisture proof.

      Our Advantage: As a professional manufacturer of portable EDM tapping machine, we have reliable quality and customer-trusted price. Every process has passed our strict QC personnel inspection and control.