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      • 售前售后維修各品牌機型保養 Maintenance

        山西邦德達機械科技有限公司\威易得自動化科技有限公司位于山西中部專業從事:電火機系列得生產,研發,維修,主要有經濟型便攜式電火花取斷絲錐機,高配型便攜式電火花取斷絲錐機,高速穿孔機,打孔機,精密電火花機。我們具有多年的電火花機取斷絲錐機相關產品與服務的銷售和經驗。憑借專業的技術,誠信的經營,和不斷創新的精神公司發展迅速。在發展的同時公司不忘不斷總結不斷優化為客戶的服務,和一如既往的熱情贏得了新老客戶的極高評價。Shanxi Bangdeda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.\Weiide Technology is located in the middle of Shanxi. Specialized in: electric light machine series production, research and development, maintenance, mainly economical portable electric spark cutting tap machine, high matching portable electric spark cutting tap Machine, high speed punching machine, punching machine, precision electric spark machine. We have many years of sales and experience in products and services related to EDM machines. With professional technology, honest management, and innovative spirit, the company has developed rapidly. At the same time of development, the company has not forgotten to continuously summarize and optimize its services for customers, and as always, has won the high praise of new and old customers.


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